Dear teachers and students,

Please refer to the call for submissions for the International HerStories Youth Competition 2023/2024. The deadline is March 31, 2024.


Centropa invited students in Hungary, Spain, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Germany, Poland and Greece to develop and produce a graphic storytelling or graphic novel project on the following topics:

Very welcome are, for example, projects that highlight the contributions and achievements of Jewish women throughout history; Profile influential Jewish women throughout history of your country or town; highlight involvement of Jewish women in social justice movements; Explore how Jewish women have contributed to advocacy, civil rights, and humanitarian causes; Explore the roles of Jewish women in various fields such as science, literature, politics, and the arts.

The graphic novels must be historically accurate, and tell an interesting story. They should also be innovative and creative. Each graphic novel should contain between 10 and 30 illustrations.

What do we expect from your submission?

  • Your submission should include your own original illustrations and text. 
  • The text should be written in English. However, you are welcome to include your native language, followed by an English translation.
  • Your submission should be between 6 and 15 pages (if applicable, including translation)
  • It should include a cover page listing the project’s title, the author(s) of the graphic novel, your school (and your teacher). Moreover, your submission should also have an introductory text that tells us what kind of story you are going to tell.

Here are some examples of successful projects from previous Centropa youth competitions, based on biographies of Jewish women interviewed by Centropa:

The Story of Anna Mass: My father‘s apprentice (based on the story of Anna Mass)
„How can one survive“ (based on the life story of Vera Wechsler)
„What being real Jewish is about“ (based on the life story of Deborah Averbukh)
„Live to live“ (based on the life story of Tilda Galpert)

How to submit your graphic novel

  • Please upload your graphic novel through the submission form here.
  • Remember to add the names of all authors involved in creating the posts
  • Choose a suitable title for your project


  • Consider submitting your text to an English teacher for a grammar/ language check before submitting it. You can also submit your text to a history teacher for fact-checking
  • Be sensitive with regards to the topics you are creating content about. Make sure you use courteous and correct language which is not offensive, and show the appropriate respect towards the topic and content of your project. If you are unsure about your entry submissions, don’t be afraid to ask an adult, a teacher or us at Centropa.

Suggestions on where to get the material for your graphic novel

  • Jewish biographies and photos can be found in the Centropa database and, especially concerning the seven Jewish women from the HerStories project, on the HerStories website
  • For more on Jewish history, customs and holidays, you can take a look at the or
  • A Google search of your “town name” + “Jewish” will probably give you a great start.
  • We also encourage you to explore your local Jewish history and heritage in order to have a good basis for your own illustrations!

Things to remember

  • Do not copy someone else’s work.
  • Do not use sources or state facts which are dubious and unreliable. If you are not sure about the source’s credibility, send us an email
  • Please make sure you are not copying pictures that are copyright protected. This can lead to lawsuits.
  • Do not show graphics of violence or photos of murdered people
  • Remember to treat people’s stories with respect!

Need help?

If you need help or have any questions, reach out to our local coordinators: