The seminar for educators took place within the HerStories project on 12 and 13 November 2023 in Sered and Bratislava.

The seminar was open to all educators working in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

About the project:

The HerStories project provided a glimpse into the multifaceted Jewish history of 20th century Europe through the life stories of seven Jewish women from Germany, Poland, Greece, Spain, Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. The project aims to contribute to a better understanding of European history through the women's stories and through the analysis of their subjective experiences.
These women's stories include experiences of persecution, deportation and flight, as well as survival, resistance to the regime and rebuilding their lives after the Holocaust and the Second World War. Seven interviewees share their memories of childhood and adolescence in Jewish families before the war, first loves, going to school - that is, recollections of their daily lives, hopes and struggles. Together, these stories form a diverse picture of Jewish women's lives - and European history - in the 20th century.
As part of the HerStories project, the stories of seven Jewish women was presented in a variety of formats for educators, students and the general public. 

Seminar program:


-Visit to the Holocaust Museum in Sered with a guided tour

-Workshop at the Holocaust Museum in Seredi focused on the fate of Slovak Jewish women during the Holocaust



Expert lecture - focusing on the history of World War II in the Czech Republic and Slovakia

Expert lecture - focusing on women during the Holocaust

Personal stories in education - lecture by second generation Holocaust survivors

Workshop - presentation of activities on the Google Classroom platform (activities created for students within the HerStories project)

Workshop - working with testimonies of women Holocaust survivors - preparation of lesson plans, projects and activities for lessons (work of teachers in groups)

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