The workshop took place on Friday 8 March 2024. Venue - Department of History, UPOL.

Centropa's "HerStories" workshop provided a glimpse into the multifaceted Jewish history of 20th century Europe through the life stories of seven Jewish women from Germany, Poland, Greece, Spain, Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. This project aims to contribute to a better understanding of European history through the personal stories of the women and through the analysis of their subjective experiences.

These women's stories include experiences of persecution, deportation and flight, as well as survival, resistance to the regime and rebuilding their lives after the Holocaust and the Second World War. Seven interviewees share with us their memories of childhood and adolescence in Jewish families before the war, first loves, going to school - that is, recollections of their daily hopes and struggles. Together, these stories form a diverse picture of Jewish women's lives - and European history - in the 20th century.

The seminar also focused on the use of personal stories of Holocaust survivors in education, and students were able to try out activities that they can use themselves in pedagogical or educational practice. The workshop mainly focused on the use of visual materials (film, photography) in creating attractive educational activities.

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The workshop was led by Centropa´s educator Mgr. Jana Turanská. The language of the session was Czech, texts are available in English and Slovak. A prerequisite for participation in the workshop was preparation - reading survivors' stories.