The last two days of January at the Galicia Jewish Museum revolved around the “HerStories” workshops. These workshops were organized as part of commemorations of the International Day in Memory of the Victims of the Holocaust which falls on January 27th, and conducted by two educators: Anna Wencel and Marcin Krotla.

The workshops were attended by a group of 26 students from the First-Level Ignacy Jan Paderewski Music School in Krakow. The students had a chance to get to know the stories of seven women and to reflect on the similarities and differences. However, before the teenagers got to know the biographies of the women, which are presented in this project, they had to make an effort and try to discover them by themselves. During the workshop conducted by Marcin Krotla, the participants became historians and researchers, and they analyzed archival photos in order to try to reconstruct the fates of the heroines based on iconographic materials. Then they discussed the questions of storytelling, critical thinking and verifying materials which were used. The second workshop with Anna Wencel included elements of text analysis and mapping.

  • Young people sitting at a table, in front of them there are archival photographs
  • Educator showing archival pictures to school students