On the upcoming Thursday, March 21, the Mozaika team, along with Dory Sontheimer, daughter of Rosl, will visit the Matadepera Institute to engage in an revealing activity with 100 students.

The session will unfold in three key parts. Initially, Dory will share her family's narrative, providing a personal glimpse into her family tales. Following this, the remaining female protagonists of the HerStories project will be introduced, setting the stage for a comprehensive exploration of their personal stories. The culmination of the activity will be an interactive segment, featuring an open dialogue and an engaging session that will emphasized the importance of history from a gender perspective, the value of primary sources, and the significance of testimonial stories.

Dory Sontheimer's account will act as a portal into her mother's story. In her own words, she will describe the discovery of seven concealed boxes containing her family's history—a revelation that illuminated the silences within her parents' lives. Her parents, German Jews who became Spanish citizens and embraced the Catholic faith, will be central to this exploration. Dory will unfold the chilling narrative of her family's experiences during the Holocaust, intricately detailing her extensive research journey across Germany, Austria, England, Argentina, Israel, the United States, Canada, and the Czech Republic. Along this path, Dory has successfully reconnected with long-lost family members, reclaiming silenced stories that contribute significantly to a broader narrative.