On Thursday, March 21st, the Matadapera Institute in Barcelona buzzed with excitement as Mozaika orchestrated an engaging event, drawing in over ninety students. The highlight of the gathering was the presence of Dory Sontheimer, daughter of Rosl Heilbrunner, one of the remarkable figures featured in HerStories.

The day kicked off with an illuminating keynote address by Dory Sontheimer, who delved into her family's history, offering pivotal insights into their journey of survival. Following this, Mozaika spotlighted the personal narratives of the remaining six women from the HerStories project. These accounts shed light on their harrowing experiences of persecution, deportation, and flight, juxtaposed with tales of resilience and the eventual reconstruction of their lives in the aftermath of the Holocaust and World War II.

After the project presentation, students were granted access to interactive resources available on the HerStories website. Moreover, a discussion forum was facilitated, providing a platform for students to engage directly with Dory and gain firsthand knowledge of her family's experiences. The overwhelmingly positive response from the students underscored their deep satisfaction with the activity.