Project coordinator

Anna Pantelakou has studied Theory and History of Art (BA) at the Athens School of Fine Arts and holds a Master’s degree from Panteion University in Social and Cultural Anthropology. Since 2020 she has been designing and implementing educational seminars and programs for young people and adults independently or in collaboration with cultural institutions in Athens, on subjects in modern and contemporary art history. One of her main aims is to promote the work of women artists and feminist art historians and highlight the conditions and effects of silencing the female perspective and mastery in art history perception. Among her research interests and her approach as an educator is art as sublimation and management of trauma and art history as a key tool for (re)reading general history and social change.

She has also been working since 2022 with Professor Dr. Reena Kukreja from Queen’s University of Canada, as her Research Assistant in Greece. In this framework, she co-curated the exhibition This is Evidence: Re-picturing South Asian Migrant Men in Athens, a photovoice project, and has been assisting Dr. Kukreja’s latest research on exploring masculine identities of undocumented South Asian male migrants in Greece, working in the agricultural sector.

She joined the Jewish Museum of Greece in September of 2023 as an Assistant of the Department for Holocaust Education and Research.